Defying the Ordinary, The All-New Fitness Concept from Australia Opens Stateside January 2024;
Charge Your Senses through a One-of-a-Kind Athletic Reformer Pilates Experience

NEW YORK, January 8, 2024 VAURA Pilates, the brand-new athletic reformer Pilates experience, announced its first U.S. location is opening on Saturday, January 13, 2024 in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood at 1011 Third Avenue (corner of Third Ave and 60th Street).

VAURA is a state-of-the-art studio never seen before in the U.S. (originating from Australia under the Vive Active moniker), fusing reformer Pilates precision with the power of athletic training. VAURA serves up a mind-blowing, athletic reformer Pilates experience, more than just a workout; this is total-body conditioning designed to energize every fiber of your being. Outfitted with mirrored ceilings, epic beats, and seductive lighting, VAURA offers challenging workouts combined with captivating light shows and entrancing beats in a luxe setting to charge the senses.

“VAURA brings an electrifying energy to athletic reformer Pilates. We are creating a new full-body sensory experience unmatched by any other exercise regimen,” said Tom Dowd, Chief Executive Officer at F45 Training. “Everything about our classes, from the studio design and luxurious amenities to the club-like mood lighting and more, work in harmony to create a space that inspires transformative results members will love, and they will awaken muscles they never knew existed. Along with our other Pilates concept, FS8, we are thrilled to add two unique Pilates concepts to the family of F45 offerings for our growing fitness community.”

More than just a workout; this is total-body conditioning, designed to energize every fiber of your being. https://bit.ly/3vq7nZZ



Each 50-minute class is designed to keep members engaged from start to finish, featuring stimulating warm-ups and total body conditioning that caters to every individual’s needs, from strength to flexibility and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Whether you’re a beginner or a Pilates enthusiast, everyone can find their untapped power within at VAURA.

Members and guests can choose from classes across four VAURA workouts, including:

  • TOTAL: VAURA’s signature all-in-one class, combining strength, endurance and stretch in a full-body conditioning workout for every level. Get ready to meet your best with the ultimate group fitness experience. VAURA trainers provide beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise options.
  • STRETCH: Drawing from Pilates and yoga, flexibility and control are at the core, featuring deep stretch poses intended to improve mobility and flexibility. This routine also builds strength, helps prevent injury and reduces stress. Finish each class walking taller while feeling stronger and calmer.
  • CIRCUIT: Comprised of 12 – 16 rounds at multiple stations, CIRCUIT is a fusion of strength, HIIT and stability training. Time to dig deep because this class will dial up your calorie burn to the max. With 90-second intervals, get ready to work every muscle group and elevate your metabolism in this extremely fun, high-energy class.
  • FUSION: This offers a 50-50 split class with half the time spent on the reformer and half dedicated to floor-based, functional movements, allowing for the use of heavier weights and moving at a faster pace. Step up with this combination class for a full-body, strength and conditioning workout.

“It’s a privilege to not only launch VAURA in the U.S. but to introduce an experience unlike any other in the heart of Manhattan for everyone in the New York City area,” said Travis Frenzel, Club Sports Group CEO and VAURA franchisee. “As part of our January opening, we have several exciting moments on the horizon, which we’ll share more about on our social channels. Sign up now to take advantage of our exclusive opening offers and be among the first to experience a class. We look forward to welcoming Pilates enthusiasts of all fitness levels to our unique experience.”

The studio space measures 1,800 square feet and houses 28 Pilates reformers. It also boasts 900 square feet of facilities, including showers and a beauty bar. Prices for a single class start at $42 and various class packs are also available. Classes are offered seven days a week, with varying schedules. In celebration of the opening, new members can take advantage of exclusive offers for a limited time only at VAURAPilates.com/studios/uppereastside. Customers can also book via ClassPass.

To learn more about VAURA Pilates, become a member and take advantage of its exclusive launch offers, please visit VAURAPilates.com.

At VAURA, we believe that in every individual lies an extraordinary supply of untapped potential waiting to be awakened. This extends beyond the physical, reaching into the realms of the mind and soul. We’re dedicated to redefining the fitness experience through our sensory athletic reformer Pilates experience, which we see as a dynamic fusion of art and science designed to energize every cell of your body. We’re committed to transforming lives through dynamic workouts that ignite energy, build confidence, and enhance mental well-being. For more information, please visit VAURAPilates.com.

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